Soil Erosion Soil Stabilization Mudjacking Underpinning

Settlement and erosion of the sub soil eventually affects the concrete structures on top of it causing them to weaken and fail. This leads to all kinds of damage to your homes like sinking floors, cracks, leakages, to sunken pavement, tilting foundations and causing all kinds of damage on buildings, industrial structures, bridges, embankments, dams, among others.

The best solution available using the latest technique for underpinning, concrete repairs and the latest technology in soil and structural stabilization, which are not only less disruptive but also cost effective.

Cracks, Leaks, Sinking Floors, Sinking Foundation, Sunken Pavement, Damages on Dams, Embankments, Soil Erosion Underpinning Methods and Concrete Repair Solution

  • Soil settlement and soil erosion are the usual culprits in weakening the soil base of many concrete structures. Re-stabilising and strengthening them with grouting and polyurethane materials is the best answer to the problem. Polyurethane grouting foam or grouting liquid is injected into the soil to fill upthe voids and fissures in the soil.This process reduces the moisture and consolidates all the loose materials which will strengthen,stabiliseand reinforces the soil base for home, concrete structures, roadways and seawalls.
  • Seepages and leaks in concrete can be sealed by injecting polyurethane acrylic and epoxy grout in drilled holes and pushed through the cracks. The substance reacts with the moisture that will produce a water tight material that will plug the leaks.
  • Underpinning solution like slab lifting or slab jacking is performed by trained personnel, injecting highly expanding foam through several small drilled holes under the slab and foundations to raise them to a desired level. Careful release in injecting the material controls the precise lift of the concrete slab / foundation.
  • Polyureas and Epoxies are also used to coat, repair, seals, protect and strengthen surfaces of walls and tanks, industrial structures and other concrete facilities