Sewage Line Crack Repairs

Sewage line crack repairs are required when leaks are found. The rehabilitation of any structure actually begins with these crack repairs as leaks are just indicators that something deep within the structure is causing the leaks. The crucial decision to make in cases of leaks is between a temporary fix and a permanent solution.

Sewage line or manhole rehabilitation can only begin when these leaks are plugged. It is important to note that water leaking through cracks in a manhole lessens the capability of sewer lines, forcing treatment plans to overcapacity. This situation threatens health with sanitary sewer overflows and increased treatment costs.

Leaking water also brings with it sand and gravel infused into your system. The resulting in creased load increases deterioration of pumps in the lift station.

The good news is these leaks can be plugged fast, using cost efficient solutions, thereby stopping the root cause of the problem.

Concrete and Underground Crack repairs

Polyurethane concrete crack repair method has proven very effective and easy to use with sewage line cracks. With continued development in technology, it gives itself limitless application with immeasurable value and importance to the construction industry. From home and business repairs to all kinds of industrial application and infrastructure rehabilitation, they have become one of the leading choices of many contractors that deal with concrete infrastructure repairs and underground repairs.

Important Characteristics

  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Easy application
  • Quick drying
  • Cost effective
  • Works well on wet surfaces
  • Works well with fresh and salt water

Being able to get the job done without the messy excavation in the ground and roads providing as little disruption as possible to the public and the utility service it provides is a major plus.

They use camera trucks and other equipments to help examine the area and locate the leaks. They proceed to drill holes from ground level then with the right pressure inject the resin to consolidate the area and plug the leaks.


  • Sewerage line crack repair
  • Manhole repairs
  • Repair on damaged large diameter pipe
  • Cracks on water treatment plant
  • Cracks on concrete water and chemical tanks
  • Damages on dams and embankments
  • Columns
  • Bridges
  • Road and highways
  • Tunnels