Improved car park insulation for customers of Coles Supermarkets

Most Advanced Construction Services (MOSTACS) has improved the car park service for Coles Supermarkets, an Australian brand shopping centre that celebrated its 100 years in 2014.

Coles Car Park Insulation Polyeurethane Spray Foam Installation

The leading commercial and industrial insulation contractor in Australia was called in to fix an urgent problem in the customer car parking area that inconvenienced the supermarket’s clients.

After celebrating its 100 years as an Australian brand in 2014, it was important for Coles Supermarkets to continue to keep its loyal customers and suppliers happy about their facilities. So when Coles started having issues about its car park insulation, MOSTACS provided the solution.

The Client

Coles Supermarkets

The Problem

The Coles Supermarkets car park is situated below a refrigeration area which runs at -22c. The refrigeration system is so cold it produces condensation in the car park, and drips water on vehicles in the shopping centre car park area.

The Job

Most Advanced Construction Services was called to stop the condensation causing drips on vehicles at the car park.

Polyeurethane Spray Foam Car Park Insulation Services
Spray Foam Insulation in Coles' Commercial Car Park

MOSTACS used AUS30 Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation onto the ceiling of the car park to seal off the refrigeration condensation, reducing moisture and water penetration from above.

The foam insulation gets into all areas, cracks, gaps, holes and fissures between the ceiling below and flooring above, to effectively insulate the area.

The spray also adds structural integrity to the car park ceiling as it provides a tight protective layer for support and strength, and even prevention of deterioration.

Mostacs Car Park Insulation Ceiling Insulation

The John Sexton team standard of getting the best results for even the most challenging jobs was once again achieved at Coles – the ceiling of the car park is now stronger and better insulated against temperature changes.

Most Advanced Construction Services is committed to delivering on schedule, within the budget, and to last a long time.

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