Concrete Crack Repairs for Home and Business

Have you encountered concrete cracks and leaks in your homes and business sites? Do you have a leaking basement? Do you need crack repairs? Are you looking for the best solution?

Concrete Crack Repairs are required in residences and commercial locations whenever there are heavy vehicles passing over to prevent concrete cracking.

Polyurethane products are among the most effective means for concrete crack repairs today. The latest development in the technology actually makes the job much easier compared to other methods. It effectively fills in the cracks and stops the leaks. It is chemically designed to work well on damp surfaces and leaky cracks.

Polyurethane products are injected through several drill holes to penetrate deep into the gaps and cracks of concrete. The compound expands as it reacts with the moisture and water making it possible to reach all the space and cracks before setting permanently to plug the leaks.

Home and Business applications

  • Cracks on Walls / Floors
  • Cracks and leaks in Basements
  • Crack repairs on floor joints in warehouses
  • Cracks and leaks in underground car parks
  • Crack and hair line leaks on tanks
  • Cracks on concrete columns and foundation
  • Any other concrete cracks and concrete leaks that you may encounter in your homes or business


  • Easy to use
  • Less disruption
  • Fast reacting
  • Stable and flexible
  • Doesn’t shrink and slow deterioration
  • Expands to fill gaps and back of the crack
  • Seals cracks and plugs leaks
  • Works well with dry and wet cracks
  • Works with fresh and salt water
  • Cost effective

Concrete crack repairs are usually done with little disruption, in shorter time and with less cost, which greatly benefit home owners and business owners who are in need of fast and long lasting repairs.