Case Study – Soil Stabilisation, Sealing leaks and Slab lifting

Problem: Massive repair work required on erosion-damaged leaking seawall right on the Intracoastal Waterway in Delray Beach, Florida. Affected areas are in danger of collapsing due to some of the erosion extending right under the adjacent pool deck. Extensive void filling, soil stabilization, sealing leaks and slab lifting were required of the contractor.

Solution: Amazingly only two Prime Resins products were needed for all the grouting work completed: Precision Lift 2135 and Prime Flex 920. These products have been independently tested and verified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for contact with water, an important feature for this kind of job.

Getting the job done the right way was for Most Advanced Construction Service proprietor John Sexton the main goal of his training time at Prime Resin where he attended a very intense learning and training experience. The hands-on, on-site technical assistance became the highlight and the best part of the whole training.

Probe Deck Slab lifting

Learning insights included the importance of assessing the right amount of materials needed, preparing for possible snags and hitches that may be encountered. Getting the project done was very challenging yet getting the job done right was very rewarding.

John was enthusiastic about the onsite experience, “It was a fantastic opportunity to be part of a real big job as my first grouting experience.” For John, it felt intimidating and daunting at first as they are required to perform all kinds of task like void filling, soil stabilisation, sealing leaks, and slab lifting in just one project.

But John knew he couldn’t ask for a better situation to gain the right training as they encountered all sorts of challenges and got a whole lot of knowhow and experience how to deal with them.

With the help from David Dingler who guided them all the way it became a great learning experience.

Owner’s Options

The owner had some options but little choice compared to the grouting procedure. Excavation and Replacement are options that require the backyard to be destroyed. Quotes from excavation repair would run up to $150,000, while replacement would probably cost $350,000 - $500,000. Add to that the longer length of time required to finish the project. Permits alone would probably take 6 - 8 months. Mudjacking using cement grouting was not advisable. The slurry is not recommended due to erosion problems, heavy nature of the material and limited access.

The lightweight polyurethane foam is the perfect and best solution for this project. Grouting with Prime Resin would take less time to finish the work, less damage and disturbance in the backyard and the cost is only about two thirds compared to other options like excavation repair.

Deck Before slab lifting


The owner was very satisfied with the work done. They also decided to build an additional dock for their yacht. The chemical grouting procedure used was able to significantly reinforce the sea wall that it did not need additional work to strengthen the area to support the dock. They injected grout as far as 12 – 13 feet, filled the void and empty spaces under the pool deck and lift slabs in their proper place.

 Deck after slab lifting labelled